DigitalOcean – useless

Fucks sake.

Been pissing about with my email setup all night. Turns out DO block common email ports. So even though I have dovecot running, you can’t see the IMAP ports – any of them – externally.

As noted, fucks sake.

The search for a decent host goes on I suppose.


Hahaha, no, default dovecot config seemed to be sitting on IPV6 only.

Now I just need work out why the fuck Dovceot doesn’t like the authentication method.


Email – what a ballache

Sigh, tried to use iRedAdmin as my mail server setup as it’s simple and works.

Sadly, I forgot it prefers a clean server, and it’s insistence on using Nginx is a bit of a pain. So have restored the pre-install snapshot.

So, no email for now, but I have saved all the old ones from the old server (now binned) and I only really used the Raithtech domain for twitter notifications, so no massive rush….

Fucking Chrome caching bullshit

Just spent the last hour trying to work out why I couldn’t get this fecking site running on https – of *course* Chrome decided it’d cache redirects.

So I fixed the problem about three quarters of an hour ago, but Chrome decided it couldn’t be arsed actually *fetching* the new config.

Fucking cunt of a thing.

Anyway, what else?

Oh yes, I’m back baby. Have some of this you bastards.